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Alex Reyna

Director & Instructor

Alex Reyna graduated from Humble High School in 2001 where he made several accomplishments along the way. He started on the cheerleading squad his sophomore year with the varsity team where he stayed through the rest of his high school career. Alex was the captain his senior year where he led his team to 4th place at UCA nationals. He started teaching tumbling classes at the age of sixteen for Jergen’s Gymnastics, but was already in the mindset of starting his own private gym.

Just out of high school Alex went to work for UCA for a year and while enjoying working with the kids, he needed to move on if he was going to realize his ultimate goal of starting his own gym. With that in mind Alex gained a scholarship and went to Trinity Valley where the team won Nationals. While there he gained a lot more experience from other reputable cheerleading instructors.


Alex put in his application and attended the University of Houston where he could compete on a far more advanced level. He began to work with his mentors, who really helped mold him into what he is today as a coach and facilitator. Alex opened the doors of Texas Xtreme Cheerleading seventeen years ago in Humble, Texas. He coaches all ages and skill level with tumbling, stunting and cheer. He has helped many students gain scholarships and make college cheer teams, as well as middle and high school teams.

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